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Satisfaction GuaranteedWe understand how important it is to feel confident and reassured when it comes to the security of your home and belongings that you can count on your local locksmith to have or obtain that special key that no one else carries, or even the key that you can find at your local hardware store. We take the time at Action Lock-South Georgian Bay to ensure the keys are not just cut quickly and properly, but will take the time to look after special requests as well.

Affordable Key Replacement Services

Key Cutting Loyalty Program

At Action Lock-South Georgian Bay we have an In-Store Loyalty Key Card. Every time you come to visit us at the store, we keep track of the number of keys you cut, and for every five purchased you receive one free. This applies to any key under $10.00. The majority of our Residential & Commercial Keys are $3.99. Specialty Keys range from $3.99-$9.99.NOTE: Some Unusual/Rare Keys that are ordered in from the USA may exceed the $10.00.

Certified and Trained Locksmiths

Servicing Traditional and Modern Keys

Our locksmiths have extensive experience in servicing all types of keys regardless of the manufacturer. If you have an older lock, you most likely have traditional keys. Traditional keys, or mechanical keys, are made mechanically by a key cutting machine. Our technicians have the right machine and tools to provide a new set of keys on-the-spot.

Types of Keys Available

  • CX5
  • Safes
  • Truck
  • Tool Box
  • Storm Door
  • Automotive
  • High Security
  • RV & Camper
  • Coupler & Hitch Keys
  • Mailbox, Canada Post
  • Moped & Scooter Keys
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Equipment & Construction Keys
  • Pickup Caps & Covers
  • Motorcycle Keys
  • Furniture Keys
  • Golf Cart Keys
  • Gas Cap Keys
  • House Keys
  • Padlock Keys
  • Boat
  • ATV
  • MX9

Keys Cut to Code

It is possible for a Locksmith to cut a key for just about anything, so long as they have the code for that particular key. Key codes consist of either 2-8 numbers (numeric) or a combination of 2-8 letters and numbers (alphanumeric). This code tells us both the type of key required, and the spacing and depth for the cuts. It is almost always found on the original keys. (This is also a great way to know which one of your keys is the original, if copies have been made.)

NOTE: Always keep your original keys in a safe place. If you are making a copy of a key, it is always best to make a copy of the original key. Copies of Copies tend to break down and not work over time.

If you do not have an original key or picture then the next place to look is right on the lock itself. Most often locks on Roof top Carriers, Office Furniture, some Safes, and many other products have the code stamped on both the original key and on the face of the lock cylinder. ( See Picture below )

Key Code on Lock Cylinder Face ( INSERT PICTURE OF LOCK WITH CODE)

Lost the Key to your Motorcycle and you Don't Have a Backup....What do you Do?

First if this has not yet happened to you, it might be a good idea to come in and see us to get an extra key made before that becomes your question. If that is no longer an option, then here is some information that I hope will be of value to you.

It is most important that I tell you that all motorcycles do not have codes stamped on them. The information below is only of value if your bike was.

There are several places you can look to find the key code. (Note: use a magnifying glass to verify the number. If the numbers and letters are not exactly correct, then you will not be able to create the key you need)

  • Stamped on the original keys
  • Metal or plastic tag– on key ring with the original keys
  • Owner's manual– or possibly the bill of sale.
  • Helmet Lock– Newer bikes often hide the code, so you may need to remove the lock in order to find or see the code.
  • Seat Lock– Older bikes may again have the key code stamped directly on the face of the lock. Once again the newer models tend to hide the code, so once again, removal is usually required in order to see or find the code.
  • VIN number – As a last resort, it is sometimes possible to obtain the code from a dealer using the VIN. This is only an option if this information was recorded into their system when the bike was first purchased. If you are unable to find a code stamped in any of the above noted places, then this may be an option for you.

At Action Lock-South Georgian Bay we have a wide variety of keys available for Yamaha, Honda and Harley Davidson Motorcycles. We also carry some Kawasaki, Suzuki, and a few others.



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