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It doesn't matter if you are a municipal, commercial, retail, church or office space; we can get your doors up to the required standard for accessibility. Installed prices for a simple single door accessible solution start at $2200 per door within our standard service area. Whether you need to maintain an existing operator or install a new system to meet the code requirements give us a call.

Barrier Free Washroom Requirements in Ontario

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) aims to remove any boundaries or restrictions faced by those with a disability, with the goal to make Ontario accessible to all by the year 2025. In 2015, the AODA standards became law and by 2025, all organizations must comply with this set of new guidelines.

According to the Royal Bank of Canada, people with disabilities spend an estimated $25 billion each year. If your business or organization isn't AODA compliant you could be missing out on a lot of customers who would rather go somewhere that meets their needs. People will disabilities also represent a massive source of untapped employees and by making your company accessible to them, they are more likely to seek out work with your organization. AODA benefits everyone, not just those with disabilities, so becoming compliant is the smartest thing to do.

Automatic Door Operator with Wheel Chair Access

Push To Open- Door Operator

There are a lot of questions surrounding the AODA regulations, it is confusing. Please see our FAQ section and call us with your questions. At Action Lock South Georgian Bay we are your accessibility partners.

FAQ Section

1.Does the AODA apply to me?

  1. If any of these questions are a "yes" then the AODA applies to you.

i.Do you provide goods, services, or facilities?
ii. Do you offer accommodation?
iii. Do you own a building or premise which is used by others?
iv. Do you employ any people from Ontario?

  1. What requirements do I need to meet?
  2. Barrier free access to buildings (including automatic door operators) and too many common spaces located within the buildings including elevators, pools, spas and other locations.
  3. At Action Lock South Georgian Bay we can provide and install these devices to help you meet the requirements.

b.Visual fire alarms need to be visible in all public access corridors and all smoke alarms in residential settings need to be visible.

  1. See your electrician or fire safety service provider for more information
  2. Accessible and adaptable seating spaces in public places like theaters, town halls and places of worship.

d.Barrier-free washrooms and toilet facilities.

  1. At Action Lock South Georgian Bay we can provide and install the electronic devices and door operators to help you meet these requirements as well

3.What does "barrier-free washrooms" mean?

a..A primary requirement in public buildings is that there must be one universal washroom for every three floors. A universal washroom is an enclosed space with a barrier free toilet, sink and turning space so that a wheeled mobility device may be accommodated. All of these washrooms will also have to have a power operated door leading into them.

i.We can offer complete washroom kits at Action Lock including

  1. Automatic Door Operator
    2. Push Button: To electronically lock the door
    3. Emergency Call Station in case that assistance is required
  2. What do I have to change?

a.The new requirements set out specific guidelines to make universal washrooms as accessible as possible. These things include:

i.Washrooms should be situated on a barrier free path of travel and make sure this path meets requirements with regards to turning space, doorway and corridor widths, grab bars and signage.
ii. Power operated doors to be available at all entrances to the washrooms.
iii. Mounting height for towel dispensers, hand dispensers, sinks and soaps so that they may be accessed by anyone.
iv. Grab bars designed to fold up or down so that people may use them on either side of the room.
v. An l-shaped grab bar so that people may use these to sit up and down.
vi. Clear floor area of a large enough size that people I wheeled mobility devices can turn around well.

  1. I already own a building. Do I have to follow these new guidelines?

a.This all depends on the size of the building you own or what your future plans are for the building you own or manage.
b. New buildings must be built with these requirements in mind and the blueprints and design will reflect this. If you own or manage buildings which are currently planning extensive renovations then you will need to take into consideration these new standards.

  1. An extensive renovation is considered anything more than 300 square feet. If the building is not undergoing any renovations or if the renovations are less than 300 square feet then you shouldn't worry about adhering to these guidelines just yet.
  2. Why should I worry about AODA?

a.The AODA is important to all Ontarians as many people think of a disability as someone with an obvious physical impairment such as wheelchair users. But the truth is disabilities affect far more people and a far wider reaching than that. Disabilities can also include visual impairments, hearing difficulties, learning or developmental difficulties and of course, mental health disabilities. The fact that disabilities affect many more people than is realized means that the AODA should be a high priority for all Ontarians, as everyone is likely to at least know someone with a disability.

  1. What happens if I don't comply?

a.The AODA have given the government the authority to set penalties in the form of fines if you are not compliant.

  1. An organization which is guilty can be fined up to $100,000 per day and the director of a company or organization that is guilty can be fined up to $50,000 per day. So it could cost you or your company huge losses if you do not meet the standards set out by the AODA.

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