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24 Hour Locksmith

If you are looking for a 24-hour locksmith in the Barrie region, we invite you to contact the always celebrated and always on time team at Action Lock-South Georgian Bay. Offering the most comprehensive mobile locksmith services in the region, we are here to restore order to your day for a great rate.

The smart choice for a quick and easy lockout solution is to give us a call and let us figure out the rest. Our certified locksmiths can provide you with a wide range of lockout services so no matter what situation you find yourself in, we have the right solution based on your budget and needs.

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Panic Hardware & Exit Devices

Exit Devices were created and are critical for life safety purposes. Panic Hardware and Fire Exit Hardware are two different types of exit devices. Panic Hardware for example is an exit device that although is required to have panic hardware, may not be used on a fire door.

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Commercial Locksmith

Almost every industry has advanced technologically. The commercial locksmith industry is no exception. There are more types of key and locks than you could imagine, each with a specific application and each effective.

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Electronic Access Control

The lock and key systems that businesses used to control has evolved over the years to Electronic Access Control systems. With the use of computers we are able to solve many of the limitations that mechanical locks and keys provided. Action Lock-South Georgian Bay has implemented several systems to help companies increase their security and audit abilities for the movement of people within their establishments.

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Key Replacement

People never realize how valuable their keys are until they lose them, or they wear and tear. Without your keys, your freedom and mobility are seriously compromised. Luckily, if you find yourself in this type of situation, Action Lock-South Georgian Bay is here to help you.

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Keyless Entry

Keyless door locks have become increasingly popular among home and business owners in recent years. They provide effective and easy to use security solutions for properties and buildings requiring monitored access.

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Lock Installation

When looking to install a new door lock, your first inclination may be to take a visit to your local hardware store and install it yourself. Although door locks are easy to use, they are not necessarily easy to install.

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Lock Repair

Your personal security is something you should never take for granted. Our highly skilled and professional team of locksmiths are equipped with only the best tools and high-quality products to provide a wide range of lock services.

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Action Lock-South Georgian Bay provides fast, reliable, and affordable locksmith services. With a qualified and highly experienced workforce, we can complete any lock and key task quickly and efficiently. Call our team today at (705) 994-5625 to request your free quote.

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Master Key Systems

If you are looking for a trustworthy, professional locksmith service where quality is guaranteed, look no further than the skilled technicians at Action Lock-South Georgian Bay. You'll agree that our locksmiths are very friendly and helpful when it comes to solving your master key system issues.

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Mobile Locksmith

Action Lock-South Georgian Bay is recognized as a long-standing professional locksmith company. Our dedicated and certified locksmiths handle all types of locks and can solve any of your automotive, residential, or commercial lock issue.

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In order to effectively understand the cost of a locksmith, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration. The skillset of a locksmith is very diverse, and they can each handle a variety of lock and key issues for your car, home, and business.

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Rekey Locks

Rekeying is a precise process that requires locksmith expertise. Our highly competent technicians have the proper tools and skill to change your locks so that they will only work with your new set of keys––rendering all previous keys obsolete.

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Residential Locksmith

When your lock system is not as secure as it should be, your home may not feel as safe as you deserve it to be. We want you to feel complete satisfaction when it comes to the safety of your family and valuables.

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Safe and Vault Installation

At Action Lock-South Georgian Bay, we are expert locksmiths who specialize in safe and vault installation. Our trained technicians have decades of experience in providing full installation services for all types of safes and vaults, regardless of the size, model, or brand.

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Safe and Vault Repair

Our specialists have vast experience servicing safes and vaults. From bank vaults to ATMs, and safes within homes and businesses, our technicians have the proper training to carefully open and repair your safe or vault without compromising its integrity.

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Automatic Door Operators or Openers

Action Lock-South Georgian Bay can offer sales, installation and service to your automatic door operator system, whether it be swing door operators for barrier free / handicapped access (ADA / AODA compliance) or sliding door operators for retail and commercial applications.

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Fire and Safety

A fire door or closure is any door with a fire protection rating. Its purpose is to prevent or resist the spread of fire and smoke between any two adjacent rooms in a given structure and to enable safe passage from the building.

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High Security Key Systems

We offer several restricted keyways – including MX, CX5, LSDA and coming soon Medeco

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Window Security Film

Many business, store, restaurant owners and even home owners have learned that even with the best locks and security camera's; the easiest way to break into an establishment is through the window. 3M has come up with a solution to that problem. It is called Window Security Laminate.

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Handicap Door Opener

As a business owner, you want to welcome every prospective customer in the door. In this sense, accessibility is essential, and if your property is not wheelchair accessible, you're losing business. If you need to install a handicap door operator, there is only one team to call, and that's us!

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