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Laminate Structure

There are two factors that determine the quality of the Window Film; the overall thickness and number of layers. The denser the laminate, the higher the break strength, and the more layers in the film, the higher the tear strength. Standard polyester laminates range in thickness from 4mm to 21mm and from 1 to 4 layers.

3M has patented the Ultra Series, which has either 28 or 42 micro layers and offer at least 7 times the tear resistance of the equivalent thickness of the basic polyester laminates. To minimize degradation of this shield over time, all safety and security laminates are also protected by a UV inhibitor as well as an abrasion resistant coating to resist scratching. If a customer would also like to reduce the solar heat or glare, Security/Solar Combination films are also available.

You may find online other products that advertise they do the same thing, but we have learned from personal experience when using Security Film; it is important to not only have a quality product for the job, but needs to be installed by someone who has been properly trained and certified in this field. Our installer started out in the field working directly for 3M, has numerous years of experience, is well versed with the product, and in our personal opinion is the best in the area when it comes to providing this service.

When this product is properly selected, trimmed and frame bonded by a 3M Certified installer, the 3M company provides a 10 year warranty, and goes the extra step of also covering labour for both removal and replacement of laminate, should there be any problems with the installation.

Come in to see us at Action Lock to test out the product for yourself. We will provide you with a hammer and some glass to smash with Clearly Superior applied. This is a great security solution to help thwart attacks against your home or business.

What is the Quickest & Easiest Way to Break In?

It is NOT through the window, with 3M Clearly Superior.

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