Wasaga Beach, Ontario, is actually much more than a beach and summer destination. It is actually a town in the Georgian Bay Area. Of course, its long sandy beaches are the main point of attraction of this area, as visitors flock into the city in search of its gorgeous waterfronts. In case you are wondering what you can do in Wasaga Beach, besides just basking in the sun, here is a list of the most appreciated activities in the area.

  • Take a stroll in the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park

Walks and sandy beaches go well when enjoyed together, so if you want to have a stroll in a beautiful area, the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park is the best place to do it. It offers a nice walking alley right next to the sands of the beach, so you will have the waterfront in your sight at all times. Also, it is ideal to walk here before the night comes, as you will walk in the colorful light of the sunset. So, whether you just look for a pleasant way to end the day or you want to add a romantic note to your vacation, this park can help you on both occasions.

  • Visit the Nancy Island Historic Site

When visiting an area, it is also a great idea to check out pieces of its history as well. You never know what stories you may unravel, so if you are in Wasaga Beach, make sure to stop by the Nancy Island Historic Site as well. The best part is that you can visit the site without the need to have a guide around, so you can do it at your own pace. Just walk around the island’s objectives and read the information displayed along the way, and you will definitely leave the site enriched.

  • Have a rush of adrenaline with Wasaga Beach Skydive

In case you feel the need to add a bit of adventure and adrenaline to your getaway at Wasaga Beach, then don’t hesitate to skydive. Don’t worry about it, as you will do this together with a pro, so there will be no risks and no time lost on taking courses in order to be able to enjoy this. So, besides the thrilling experience, skydiving in Wasaga Beach will also allow you to have stunning views from above over the bay.

  • Fun activities for the entire family at Wasaga 500

Wasaga 500 is one of the reasons Wasaga Beach is a location more than great for families, as everybody is able to find an interesting activity. Wasaga 500 is, practically, an entertainment and games center. What can you do here? You can enjoy a mini-golf course, Go-Karts, and other games that will guarantee a fun time. Plus you have delicious ice-cream to cool everyone down after the exciting activities enjoyed at the location.

  • Check out the wild side of Wasaga Beach with the Free Spirit Tours

If spending time out in nature is the best way to can disconnect and unwind, then the Free Spirit Tours are the best solution in your case. You will walk, float in a canoe on calm river waters, sip some amazing wine and snack on cheese and crackers. What better way to spend a few relaxing hours surrounded by trees, away from any urban area? It is definitely worth taking this tour.

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