High Security Locks and Master Key Systems

Master Keyed Locks – There is no “magic” key

Master key – a key that opens several locks, each of which also has its own key

If we consider the flow chart our plan           

Example of Master Key System
Example of Master Key System

for a simple master key system it reads
from the left to the right. Keys will work
for all locks downstream of their box,
but never upstream.

  1. Grand Master Key

    1. Opens all locks in the system
  2. Master Key

    1. (VP Operations) opens all locks in his jurisdiction including engineering and accounting, but not the shop floor or supervisor locks and not the general managers locks either.
    2. (Supervisor) opens his office plus the shop floor access but none of the other locks in the building
  3. Change Key

  • a) (Engineering) only opens the engineering offices
  • b) (Accounting) only opens the accounting offices
  • c) (Shop Floor) only opens the shop floor access locks
  1. Cross Key (Not Shown)

    1. The main entry doors can be cross keyed so that anyone can access the building with their key
    2. There is a security risk associated with cross keying as it makes the lock that is cross keyed much easier to pick

The planning stage is very important for the master keyed system. A full breakdown of the building doors and required access is required. 

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How Master Keying Works 



High Security Locks – What makes a lock High Security?

There are several items to discuss when we talk about a High Security lock…


Shaped Pins Used to Pick Proof Locks
Shaped Pins to Pick Proof Locks


  • Pick-proofing the lock

    1. The use of shaped top pins limits a locks vulnerability to picking
    2. If a lock uses wafers, levers or gears as opposed to standard pins it can be very difficult to pick
    3. The shape of the keyway can be used to prevent picking as well by limiting the space available for picking the lock
  • Drill-proofing the lock

    1. Adding hardened steel armour plates to protect the lock body and cylinder from drilling attacks
    2. Inserting hard steel ball bearings that roll when you try to drill through them
    3. Using hardened steel shackles on padlocks to prevent grinder attacks falls in this category as well                                       Do Not Duplicate - Restricted Keyways
  • Restricted Keyways

    1. We offer several restricted keyways – including MX, CX5, LSDA and coming soon Medeco
    2. If you can simply walk down to the hardware store and copy your key then so can anyone else who has access to it
    3. We require a signed authorization card in order to make copies of the keys


  • Added Locking Features

    1. Some locks use side bars with machined grooves in the key. This is essentially a lock inside of a lock approach and is very effective
    2. Lock durability can provide better security. A Grade 1 or 2 lock will withstand much more brute force without permitting entry than a Grade 3 lock will. Locks are graded…
      1. Institutional / Commercial
      2. Commercial / Residential
      3. Residential / Entry Level
    3. If you compare the design of a deadbolt against a standard keyed entry knob the deadbolt, by virtue of the basic design, offers a much higher level of security than a simple locking knob set.



Restricted Key Control

The most economical restricted keyway available the LSDA key simply prevents unauthorized persons from copying the keys. These are not available at hardware stores you simply must return to a locksmith to make copies of the keys.

If you have concerns about past employees still having access to properties such as contractors, care givers, maintenance workers and babysitters then this is the keyway for you.

This keyway does not offer other high security features but is a very economical solution.


MX Series High Security Locks


Restricted Key Control

MX Series steps ahead of the competition by offering one of the most competitively priced Key Control Services available. You no longer have to worry about unauthorized copies of your keys being made without your knowledge. MX Series is a strictly controlled keyway of propriety design with control of distributing.

Control the Keys to Your Property

Unauthorized key duplication at hardware stores and home centers is easy. You’ll sleep well with the knowledge that you’re in control of the keys to your property.

Higher Level of Security

Many manufacturers produce locks that can be picked in less than 60 seconds. With the MX Series, a few special pins make picking the locks extremely difficult for even the most experienced locksmith.

CX5 High Security

Managed Key Control

CX5 key control policies are strictly enforced and keyways are geographically managed preventing the widespread availability of specific key blanks. Duplicate keys are obtained with authorization card and signature verification.

Multiple Locking Points

CX5 cylinders have a secondary point of locking control which results in a key cylinder that is virtually bump proof and pick resistant.

Added Internal Protection

CX5 cylinders are made with enhanced internal protection features of hardened steel pins. This decreases the likeliness that top pins or sidebar pins can be compromised by drilling or other physical attacks.

Medeco X4

Nothing says security like the Medeco brand.

All facilities need patented key control to effectively secure exterior and interior openings.  This strength of integrity allows security managers to have peace of mind when it comes to managing the system.  Unfortunately, instituting a new key system is not always easy….or economical.

Medeco X4 is the most economic and efficient solution.  Medeco X4 has one of the largest master key capabilities on the market.  This allows facility managers to tie everything together under one key for ease, convenience and efficiency.  Additionally, Medeco X4 easily retrofits into existing systems so installation time is minimal.

Patented Key Control – Protects against unauthorized duplication of your keys.

Uses Existing Hardware – Save time and money by implementing a keyed access control system that uses the existing hardware whenever practical.


Medeco XT

Integrate access control with high security and full audit trail in a simple, economical solution with Medeco XT.

Audit Accountability – Audit information recorded in both the lock and key shows a time-and-date stamped record of every event

Electronic Scheduling – Intelligent Keys are programmed for specific openings with fully flexible scheduling.

Physical Security – Attack-resistant design and tamper-proof features on the Medeco XT provide strong protection against forced entry.

Efficient System ManagementMedeco XT software contains tools that will help you manage your security more efficiently.

Fast, Easy and Economical Integration – The Medeco XT system makes use of existing hardware and requires no hardwiring or network connections to incorporate. The “key” provides the power and carries the audit trail back to the system management software. Remote locations are no problem for the XT

Electronic Master Keying – With the Medeco XT you control who has access to which doors and can change that access based on job description changes easily without rekeying any cylinders. Personnel changes and lost keys are problems that are very quickly fixed by the system administrator. Call us today for master key systems and high security locks in Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Blue Mountain and area.