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Trusted Canadian Brand Since 1948

At Action Lock, we take pride in being your local  retailer for Taymor Products who will be celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2018. Taymor, founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1948, is unsurpassed in Canada’s history as a nationally recognized designer and distributer of quality architectural hardware today. Their focus is on great design, first-rate quality and affordability. Much like Taymor our goal is to deliver these remarkable products to you with service that carries the same excellence as the products they make. 

Taymor realizes that part of making a great product is more than just style. Is it serviceable? How does it install? Many products out there today are difficult to work with or do not have the tools available that allow you the versatility you may need when installing the lock. Therefore, for all the “Do-it-Yourself” people out there, this is the brand for you. 

Taymor realizes that there are various levels of locks required to meet all of the needs and budgets of their customers. In order to do this they have created different levels of locks to meet the need of every type of consumer. One of the area’s Taymor first started in creating was Bathware and Commercial Products. From here they have branched into more Residential Doorware and about 22 years ago Faucets. Many popular finishes and styles are available which allows you to match your Doorware, kitchen/bath faucets, towel racks, bath accessories, the numbers on the front of your house and the knocker your guests would use when they first arrive. Whatever theme you choose for a room you can carry it through from the first turn of a knob to the walls and the sink.

Taymor has manufactured there locks to exceed code requirements and performance expectations. ADA compliance requirements are available on many designs. Several designs meet fire-rating codes or are available with fire rating. 

Lock Selection                                                                                    

Mechanical Finish Electronic
Lifetime Lifetime
Lifetime 5 Year 1 Year
25 Year 5 Year
Epic Lock
Lifetime 1 Year
Mortise 10 Year 1 Year
Commercial Grade One 10 Year 1 Year
5 Year 1 Year

Taymor has been making Superior Quality Locks and Doorware for more than 60 yrs. Taymor carries several different lines of residential locks. The Professional Series includes a large selection of designs and finishes. Some of the finishes include Satin Nickel, Matte Black, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Aged Bronze, Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Antique Nickel and Satin Stainless Steel.They are easily installed with practical features such as 6-in-1 latches, all metal construction and fully reversible levers.  To top it off all these features come at a very reasonable price. For those people who do not have standard doors, Taymor provides an extension kit to accommodate doors that are 2-1/4” thick. 

Taymor Professional Series



Taymor Premier Series 

Taymor takes Door Hardware a step above with the Premier Series. The Premier lock sets are precision engineered, featuring a rugged all metal chassis design for outstanding durability at its core. Fully reversible and easy to install with 6-in-1 latches, built-in screw guides (so no screw holes visible), pressure tabs to prevent lock rotation and a floating latch installation; the Premier Series ensures smooth operation for years to come. The Premier line comes with the option of a Square Rose or the Standard Round Rose with all of its knobs, levers and deadbolt. The Premier Deadbolt includes an anti-pry collar for reinforced security and high tensile steel anti-saw component with 1” throw. All handles are fully reversible for left & right handed doors. Superior quality and ease of installation are just some of the reasons professionals have trusted Taymor’s Doorware for more than 60 years. Select Taymor Premier products and create a space you’ll love to live in.

                        View our “How to install Premier Locks Video” on YouTube