A Safe Is Something That Every Home Should Have.

There are several types of safes available for very different items; however, they all provide the same basic functions. Action Lock provides both sales and service for safes and vaults in Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Barrie, Thornbury, Midland and surrounding areas.

  1. Security – preventing and protecting items from dangers such as theft or fire. In the case of a gun safe, it secures the item and prevents the gun from being used by the wrong person at the wrong time, therefore preventing the potential injury of another person.
  2. Safety   – keeps items safe and out of harm’s way
  3. Peace of Mind – A Safe allows you to store valuables that are virtually irreplaceable, or in an emergency are essential that you know exactly where those assets are kept; have quick access to them, and never need to worry that they could be destroyed or fall into the wrong hands


Safes – How Do I Know What Grade of Safe to Get?

Underwriter’s Laboratory: an organization that has dedicated itself to educating businesses and the public about safety and performance of products for over 100 years. They have devised a system where a Code represents a testable safety or performance standard to show a consumer what proficiency their product is capable of doing.
If a safe has a U/L rating, it has been tested and certified by the strict standards of Underwriter’s Laboratory and assigned a code that appropriately describes what sort of protection you will receive for that specific product. Rated according to a series of tests measuring fire resistance, resistance to attempted entry from tools, torches, and explosives, and the integrity of items stored inside a safe after a fire
The standard that has been set is UL 72. 
This value indicates that in respect of data media after the test standard has been applied, the temperature inside the cabinet of the safe must not surpass 52`C / 125`F while limiting humidity control at 80%.  The test standard requires the safe to be heated in a furnace to 1010`C/1850`F for 2 hours at which point the furnace in turned off. The safe is left inside the furnace and allowed to cool. The cooling process can take up to 68 hours, during which time the temperature inside the safe may continue escalate. It is often at this most important time that many manufacturers fail the test. The safes that maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity levels throughout the entire process are the only ones granted the UL classification.
Fire test standards for paper ,called NT FIRE 017-60 Paper and -90 Paper, involve heating the safe in a furnace to 945`C/1733`F and 1050`C/1922`F for 60 and 90 minutes correspondingly, while the inside of the cabinet does not exceed 175`C/347`F.
UL 72 Class 350-60 is the UL equivalent to the 60min test. (Also written as UL 72 Class 350-1, for 1 hour). Here the safe is heated in the furnace to 927`C/1700`F, where the highest temperature inside does no surpass 177`C/350~F

                             For Burglary Rating             

This list shows what grade of safe you should have for approximately what dollar amount you are protecting.

Grade          Protection        Features
RSC        (insurance rating) 

TL-5             $5000               The door successfully resists entry for 5 minutes when attacked with
                                              common hand & electric tools.

B Rated       $10,000              Steel doors less than 1” thick and steel body less than ½ “thick.
C Rated       $30,000              Steel doors less than 1” thick and steel body at least ½ “thick.

TL-15           $200,000            The door successfully resists entry for 15 minutes when attacked with
common hand & electric tools & includes anchorage.

TL-30           $375,000            The door resists the same attack as TL-15 for 30 minutes

TL-30×6       $1,000,000         The entire safe resists the attacks described for TL-30

NOTE: Add TR for torch resistance and TX for explosives resistance to a burglary safe
NOTE: If a safe has a B or C rating it has not been tested or certified by the underwriter’s laboratory, (insurance companies will not usually accept a B or C rating)


When purchasing a safe it is important to note that each type of media you store degrades at a different temperature. It is therefore essential to know exactly what you plan to preserve so that you purchase a safe guaranteed to protect precisely what it is that you have placed in there.

 Each type of media starts to degrade at a different temperature:

PAPER: 177`C/350`F
DIGITAL: 120`C/248`F
FILM: 66`C/150`F
DATA: 52`C/125`F


                      For Fire Rating           

Grade          Protection        Features

350-1           Paper                Internal temperature will not exceed 350`F when fired for 1 hour
250-1           Paper                Internal temperature will not exceed 250`F when fired for 1 hour
250-2           Paper                Internal temperature will not exceed 250`F when fired for 2 hours
150-1           Media                Internal temperature will not exceed 150`F when fired for 1 hour
150-2           Media                Internal temperature will not exceed 150`F when fired for 2 hours
125-1           Media                Internal temperature will not exceed 125`F when fired for 1 hour


Different Types of Safes

  • Data Media Safes – It used to be paper documents that were stored in safes, but today it is computer media such as backup drives, discs, microfilm and microfiche. Paper can withstand temperatures up to 350`F (177`C) while computer media damages when temperatures go above 125`F (52`C). Most Data Media Safes offer excellent Fire Protection of 1-2 Hours. These safes also protect your valuables from vandalism, theft and damage from dust and magnetism.
  • Home and Office Safes – These safes can come in a variety of different ways. Some of them are only Burglary-Rated while others are both Burglary and Fire rated. They come in a variety of different sizes as well. Halsco makes fantastic compact sized fire resistant safes that feature high security with class 350` 1-hour fire protection to ensure your important documents remain intact in the event of a  fire. Halsco also offers a SB-01C/01E & SB-02C/02E that due to advanced barrier materials to deter theft and fire protection (UL Class 350` 1hr) with removable wheels for moving have earned them a number 1 choice among discriminating consumers.
  • Depository Safes – These safes are ideal for immediate deposits and securing storage of cash or other valuables when needed. These safes put more emphasis on the burglary rating.
  • Under Counter-Slot Safes – These safes are a convenient and safe way to protect money when immediate deposit of cash or checks is required. They allow multiple deposits through the anti-fish deposit slot. They are most valuable in retail stores, gas stations and restaurants where there is limited space and the need to reduce the threat of robbery and/or internal theft.
  • In-Floor Safes– With an In-floor safe you will never need to worry that someone will be able to get at or run off with your safe. If properly installed the safe is below floor level, in concrete covered with a steel dust cover for concealment with floor installation placed over it.
  • Wall Safes – Everyone thinks of the wall safe; safely hidden behind a picture frame when they think of a safe. This is one of the advantages to a wall safe; designed to provide hidden protection for personal documents or valuables in closets, behind wall hangings or tapestries. The other advantage is easy accessibility. Household safes; often bolted to the floor/back wall make it more difficult to obtain access to them. A disadvantage to the wall safe is that although many allow you to adjust the depth, they tend to be significantly smaller with little room for more than some jewelry, cash and maybe a little bit of paperwork.
  • Vault – These are best described as a heavy-duty burglary safe with fire protection. These are the Cadillac’s of safes. An example of one would be the Mutual Jewel Vault. This vault is rated TL-30 security (which means it can withstand the attack of any tool for 30min. It provides 2 hours of fire protection encased in a double layer of high tenstile steel. This vault depending on the size weights 1900-5000 lbs.
  • Steel Money Safes – The solid steel money chest is a less expensive alternative to fire/burglary, vaults. If your primary concern is money and not fire this is a much more economical way to go.
  • Gun Safes –  Because of its size, many things can be accommodated in a gun safe: deeds, stock certificates, bonds, titles, gold and silver financial assets, passports, birth certificates, marriage license, family heirlooms, jewelry, photos, lifelong collectibles, tax records, important papers, etc..Most people own a safe in order to protect valuable possessions like money, jewelry and electronics. They’re also great for hiding firearms away from children and outsiders. Everyone can really benefit from having a fire safe, since they’re great for protecting important documents and many other essentials for an emergency kit in case of a fire or natural disaster. There are a variety of models available, each one with a different level of fire protection. There are also gun and commercial safes.
  • Security Cases – For those people who are looking at being able to protect paper documents

Most of the safes we sell at Action Lock are Home and Office Safes with either Burglary and/or Fire Protection. A Safe is not just for the wealthy, nor is it something that people get for jewelry or items that just have a large dollar amount attached to them. Today one of the biggest concerns is identity theft. According to two studies in July 2003 there were 7 million people in North America that were affected by identity theft. That equals 19, 178 per day, 799 per hour and 13.3 per min. In 2016, Identity Theft hit an all-time high estimating 15.4 million consumers were victims of this crime in the U.S alone. Over a decade, the amount doubled. We are living in an age where it has become more important than ever to guard our personal information (whether on paper or digital media) then it is to guard a piece of jewelry. 
Safe Tips

The Top Ten List

The “top ten list” of items best kept in your fire safe (no joke)…

  1. Property insurance policies and agent contact information.
    You’ll need this information right away if your house suffers damage in a fire.
  2. Passports and original birth certificates & SIN cards.
    These can be a hassle to replace and will come in handy to establish your identity for other purposes.
  3. CDs or an external hard drive containing digital copies of all family photos and Important information.
    It’s a good idea to scan all older family photos and keep a digital copy of them as well. Your family memories in photographs are irreplaceable.
  4. Important papers related to investments, retirement plans, bank accounts etc.
    Because you may need ready access to funds.
  5. Spare Keys and titles to all vehicles
  6. Valuables: Jewelry, coins, extra cash (in an emergency cash on hand is always best) and items that may not mean anything to someone else, but are irreplaceable for you. 
  7. Financial Information – (credit card info, stocks, RRSP’s, bank accounts, tax’s, etc.)
    It’s important to protect your credit even in the event you’re displaced by a fire.
  8. A list of family doctors and prescription medications/ extra medications
    You may need these to get new supplies of medications you use on a regular basis. You should always have some medication kept safe so that in an emergency you are not left without any medication.
  9. Copies of your important legal documents.
    These include powers of attorney, living wills, health care proxies-both for yourself and for anyone else for whom you are designated attorney-in-fact or health care surrogate.
  10. Copy of wills and all wills in which you are designated the executor.
    It’s important to have access to these as safe deposit boxes are typically sealed upon notification of the box owner’s death.

NOTE: For those people who possess fire arms, a Gun Safe is a must. 
Come and see us at our shop where River Road meets Mosley Street to discuss your options or we can come to your location with samples and catalogs that can help you make the right decision for your security.



Halsco carries a line of compact sized fire resistant safes. These UL listed home and office fire safes, offer superior fire protection for valuables and important documents.
The EM/ES compact sized fire resistant safes are equipped with a two user electronic safe lock, allowing you to easily open the safe and change the combination all from the keypad.
Anchoring hardware and the safe lock batteries are included with each model.
For those people looking for an Economy Fire Safe, this series demonstrates superior protection of home and business needs at an affordable price.


• High security, fire-resistant safes with attractive and compact design
• UL listed fire protection, Class 350 degree 1hr, ensuring your important documents remain intact in the event of a fire (EM/SM-020 & ES/SS-031D safes).
• Two hefty 16 (5/8”) solid chrome plated locking bolts
• One stationary locking bolt on hinge side to deter prying attack on hinges
• Convenient plastic tray (+ adjustable shelf for model 031D)
• Pre-drilled anchor hole
• Anchoring hardware & 4 batteries included
• Door thickness: 2 ½”
• Finish: Dark Grey Door & Body

Lock Options

• EM/ES- Electronic Lock
• SM/SS- Non Changeable Combination Lock + Key Lock
UL 72 CLASS 350 – 1 hr


Anti-Burglary & Fire Resistant Safes:

Halsco SB series high security safes provide UL RSC listed premium burglary and fire protection. The burglary protection consists of a 2” thick door and 3” thick body with 2-3 stationary locking bolts on the hinge side, and an independent glass re-locking device as a standard features. In the event of an attack by drilling, the glass will shatter activating the re-lock mechanism. Advanced barrier materials and fire protection have earned the SB series safes both the highly coveted UL RSC Residential Security Container burglary rating and the UL Class 350 degree F, 1 hour fire rating (SB-01C/01E & SB-02C/02E
models). Providing you with the peace of mind your valuables will remain safe and secure at all times.
All SB series safes come standard with unique, easy release removable wheels.
This is beneficial when moving and installing heavy safes.
Halsco burglary & fire safes offer premium quality, advanced barrier technology, value and UL listed protection, making them a number 1 choice among discriminating consumers.


• UL Listed Burglary and Fire protection (UL 1037 RSC, UL Class 350 1hr.)
• Advanced barrier material to deter theft
• Heavy duty construction – 2” thick door and 3” thick body
• Independent glass re-locking device
• Massive active locking bolts and three stationary locking bolts on hinge side
to deter prying attack on hinges
• 3 spoke chrome-plated vault handle
• Reinforced composite body
• Pre-drilled anchor hole
• 4 removable wheels supplied
• Anchoring hardware included
• Finish: Dark Grey Door & Body

Lock Options

• C-UL Listed Group II Sargent and Greenleaf safe mechanical safe lock
• E-Electronic Lock- Lagard-Basic-II (Models SB-01E/SB-02E)


UL 1 hr 350 degree F (SB-01C/01E & SB-02C/02E models)
UL 1037 RSC (all models)