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Commercial Doors and Locks – Products and Services

Commercial Services 

Action Lock provides Commercial Services for Commercial Door, Commercial Locks, Lock Out Service, Key Cutting, Master Key Systems, Hinge Repair, Exit Devices, Eviction Services, Emergency Opening, Securing the Premises after Break-In and more. Serving Wasaga Beach, Barrie, Collingwood, Blue Mountain, Midland and surrounding areas.

Commercial Door Hardware

At Action Lock we also service commercial doors including…

  1. Store Front Doors
  2. Steel Access Doors

…so contact us for your commercial door needs from Astragals to Z-Wave we have you covered!

Steel Door – Door Openers, Door Operators

We can service all your commercial door needs…     
Action Lock Steel Door Locks


  • Heavy Duty Hinges
  • Door Openers 
  • Door Operators 
  • Exit Devices
  • Locks, Handles, Exit Devices & Trim
  • Pilferage Alarms
  • Bolts, Latches & Secondary Locks
  • Keyless Entry
  • Latch Guards   
  • Door Closers                                                                                            


Store Front Door

Action Lock Services Commercial Doors
We service and carry all the hardware for your store front door – don’t let your business be effected by a malfunctioning door. We are here to help keep your business running smoothly

  • Door Closers                                                                                                                   High Security Commercial Lock - Action Lock South Georgian Bay
  • Door Operators (Coming Soon), Door Openers
  • Locks, Handles, Push Bars and Paddles with ADA compliance
  • Strikes & Electric Strikes (Coming Soon)
  • Hinges – Replace your sagging pivots with a continuous geared hinge
  • Flush Bolts & Surface Bolts, Astragals, Coordinators and Mullions & Weather-stripping

Door Closers


Keep the heat on the right side of the door with a well-adjusted door closer.

If the winter wind is holding your door open for too long you are

Taymor 550 Series Door Closers 13-552APAL
Taymor 550 Series Door Closers- 13-552APAL

wasting valuable money heating the outside. If the door closes too fast then you have a potential hazard for pinched fingers are getting knocked over on a windy day.
Allow us to come and service the door closer, we can adjust the closing and latching speed and examine the weather-stripping for holes that need to be filled.


Exit Devices

Keep in Compliance with the      
building and fire codes with
proper exit devices                                                       
Exit Devices - Action Lock South Georgian Bay

Compliance with local and national codes are important. Ensure that you are meeting the requirements to keep all occupants of the building safe in the case of an emergency.


Continuous Hinge

Don’t let a worn pivot be a drag on your door. 

Continuous Hinges Commercial Doors - Action Lock South Georgian BayWorn Pivots are a common occurrence with heavy aluminum and glass doors found on most store fronts. If you have noticed that your door is dragging across the threshold it may be time to replace those pivots with a more permanent solution. A continuous geared hinge spreads the weight of the door along the entire frame, rather than concentrating all the weight on the lower corner like a pivot does. Impervious to damage from salt & sand these are a permanent solution to an old problem. 


Protect your Investment with a quality lock.

Commercial Door Locks

Your business is your livelihood and it needs to be protected. We offer replacement locks, re-keying service, high security options, keyless options and service for all commercial door locks including ADA compliant lock-sets.