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Come in several different models, shapes and sizes. They can have an electronic or dial lock.

  • Floor Safes
  • Under-the-Counter Safes
  • Wall Safes

In-Floor Safes


These safes are designed to conceal and secure a limited amount of valuables and documents, without others’ being aware of the safes location. Proper Installation of this safe is below floor level, in concrete. A steel dust cover is provided for installation to provide a completely level surface and concealment. If the safe is properly installed this way, it is next to impossible to remove. These safes are generally best installed during the construction of a home.



Wall Safes

Wall Safes are designed to provide hidden protection for documents or valuables in closets, behind wall hangings or tapestries. These safes are generally designed for easy installation. They are generally speaking approximately 4” deep which allows them to fit easily in a standard wall thickness between the wall studs. These safes are much more difficult to be noticed by a burglar and are easily accessible when needed. They do not tend to be very large in size however, and you are limited as to what they will be able to all hold. We do have an option available for those looking for something that can go deeper into a wall, if more room is needed.




Data Media Safes


 If your interest in purchasing a safe is for products such as computer media, tapes, discs, microfilm and microfiche then this is the type of safe you should be looking at. While paper can endure temperatures of up to 350 °F (177 °C), data media is easily damaged by temperatures that exceed 125 °F (52 °C) and a humidity of above 80%. This product line also functions well for burglary and vandalism as well as possible damage from dust, dirt and magnetism.



EDS-020 Data Media Safe


Defense Vault Safe (AMSEC)

The Defense Vault Safe is designed to be used for storage when space is limited in your home. This type of safe generally fits right under your bed. Generally speaking they are used for gun storage.



Amsec DV652 Vault Safe