Rekey Locks Service in Midland

How many people have had access to your house or business keys? Anyone in possession of your keys could easily duplicate it without your knowledge. If you feel that there is a possibility that the security of your property has been compromised, then rekeying your locks is an inexpensive solution.

Action Lock-South Georgian Bay specializes in rekeying and replacing locks. With our rekeying service, you not only get a new set of keys, you get peace of mind. You get confidence. You get comfort. To book an appointment with our certified locksmiths, call us at (705) 994-5625!

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It is best not to take any chances with your security. Trust our team of experienced professionals the next time you need to rekey a lock. We know you’ll be satisfied.

Join hundreds of others who have already become repeat clients. Get the locksmith company that’s trusted across the region for the honesty, integrity, and top-tier workmanship that’s built to last.

Deadbolt Lock Replace and Rekey Lock Services

Installing a deadbolt can be a costly procedure if you are looking to secure your property. If you feel that your deadbolt is not up to your standards, then replacing it is a good idea. However, if you have a good quality deadbolt, then there’s no need to replace it. Instead, we suggest hiring Action Lock-South Georgian Bay to rekey your lock and it will be good as new at a significantly lower cost.

When to rekey your locks:

- Change of Roommates

  • Change of Domestic Helpers
  • Change of Contractors
  • Moved Into a New Home
  • Lost or Stolen Keys
  • An Employee Has Quit on Bad Terms

Rekey locks Without the Original Key

In most cases, it’s possible to rekey a lock even if the original key has been lost. This is done by picking the lock to the ’unlock’ position and removing the lock cylinder. Once that’s done, rekeying the lock is an economical solution.

However, many types of locks are designed to make this impossible. That’s why it’s important to have a locksmith inspect your lock and determine what’s possible. After all, if it ends up costing more to pick the lock and rekey it than simply buying a new lockset, you’d want to be told upfront.

When you work with Action Lock-South Georgian Bay, we give you all the information you need upfront so that you can make an educated decision on what’s best for you.

Locksmiths You Can Trust

We understand the importance of feeling secure on your own property. We promise to take every measure possible to ensure an efficient and professional service to our valued clients. Our services come with the peace of mind in knowing that you’ve hired the most qualified company to handle your rekeying needs.

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