Keyless Entry Service in Meaford

Modern vehicles rarely require inserting a key to unlock the door. Just having the key in your pocket is enough to unlock your car, leaving your hands-free. Even starting a vehicle is as simple as pushing a button. All of these modern advances in lock technology require up-to-date locksmiths.

Luckily, Action Lock-South Georgian Bay has the experience and know-how to service and repair keyless door locks in Meaford with precision and care. Our technicians are highly skilled in all areas of keyless entry.

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Types of Keyless Entry Services Offered by Action Lock-South Georgian Bay

Keypad Door Lock

Solve the problem of lost or stolen keys. Make coming and going easy and effortless with a keypad door lock for your home or office.

Fingerprint Lock

Secure, affordable, and fail-safe. With a fingerprint lock, there is no need to carry a key or remember a password, making it that much easier to gain access to your valuables.

Push Button Door Lock

With the convenience of a keypad door lock, make it that much easier and convenient to secure your belongings. As the name implies, these locks function by pushing a series of buttons in a specific order.

Electronic Door Knob

For those without the need of a deadbolt lock, the electronic doorknob is an easy way to add convenience to your routine without installing additional hardware or creating another hole in your door.

Keyless Entry for Vehicles

Keyless entry to a vehicle works by emitting a radio frequency signal from a short-range remote transmitter to a receiver inside of the vehicle. This radio signal is sent directly through encrypted data to the car. The device on your keychain is called a fob. Key fobs can also arm and disarm your alarm system, adding accessibility and simplicity to securing your vehicle.

How Safe is a Smart Door Lock?

The transmitter control chip has a memory location that holds a code. When you activate your fob, it sends that code and then uses a random generator to use a new code that it then stores in its memory. The transmitter and receiver are synchronized and will only recognize the code it remembers. In this way, the door will only open if it receives the code it was expecting, therefore it is completely safe and secure.

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Keyless Entry: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Action Lock-South Georgian Bay is always looking for ways to improve their client’s experience when it comes to the safety of their home or vehicle. Our experience with keyless entry systems allows us to make the best suggestions and offer the most convenient options when it comes to your lock system in Meaford.

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